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I approach life through the lens of a psychotherapist; I never knew any other way. That commitment shapes my personality and defines who I am to my clients and the people in my life. In my marriage, I'll fight for ideals,  longing for a relationship that can last a lifetime. As a sister to my brothers, whether it's burying bodies or having a good laugh, we're a tight-knit quartet. I treasure being an aunty and love them unconditionally, just the way they are.

In friendships, life's precious gifts, we gracefully don crowns.

As a daughter, my life is a tribute to the sacrifices made for my happiness, I'm emotionally indebted.

When it comes to my clients, excellence and ethics are my guiding lights. But honestly, I'm just trying to be the kind of therapist I'd choose for myself – someone authentic, a big nerd who genuinely listens, and maybe together we can even right some wrongs, and stir up a little change in the world around us. 

As for me, I'll never stop wondering, I want to live in truth and humor... In contentment, hopefully by the ocean with wine and good food.

- Astrid

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