I am a Clinical Psychologist and Couples Counselor  I have been working exclusively as a Therapist in private practice for over 10 years. My list of clients includes people from approximately 35 different nationalities.

I have a powerful sense of dedication in what I do. I am very passionate about therapy, oddly enthusiastic I must admit. 

Personally, Psychology is more than my career, it is my language. It is how I perceive the world, myself and others. 

My role is to listen carefully and analyze methodically every thought and every feeling in the environment. To be a facilitator of tools towards self-awareness, deeper understanding, and ultimately instrumental to our endless pursuit of meaning and happiness. 

My vision as a Clinician is to use science in the service of wisdom, discover to the particularities that make each human different, special.  Finding that perfect spot in  psychotherapy is what makes it both a science and an art.