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Hello, I'm Astrid

I have been practicing as a Psychotherapist and Couples Counselor in Private Practice for the past decade.  I was born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica but I have spend most of my adult life living as an expat in Southeast Asia. 


Cultural diversity awareness has enrich my experience as a therapist. I find that connection and belonging is a human experience, regardless of where we are or where we come from.

I have a powerful sense of dedication in what I do. I am very passionate about therapy, oddly enthusiastic I must admit. Exploring the relationship between ourselves and others is where my curiosity triumphs.

Personally, Psychology is more than my career, it is my language. It is how I perceive and understand the world, myself and others. 

My role is to analyze methodically every thought and every feeling. I aim to be a facilitator of self-awareness, deeper understanding of emotions, the meta emotion approach.

Ultimately, that is our best shot towards our endless pursuit of meaning and happiness. 

My vision as a clinician is to integrate the two parts of therapy; the science and the art .

That perfect spot between science in the service of wisdom and the art of discovering the particularities that make each human unique.

My philosophy of life is based on the power of love and the role it plays on our healing.

I also believe we mustn't underestimating what sharing good food and wine with family and friends can do for your soul.

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