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I have been a Psychotherapist and Couples Counselor in Private Practice for over a decade. I was born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica but for most of my adult life, I have lived in Southeast Asia. This signature experience has deepened my interest in cultural diversity and how it enriches our lives.

As a therapist, I am dedicated and passionate about my work. I approach each session enthusiastically, oddly eager, I must admit. Curious to explore the intricate relationship between ourselves and others. Through my analytical approach, I strive to facilitate self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of emotions with a "meta-emotion approach", which is the key to finding meaning and peace in our inner life.

Psychology is not simply a career for me, it is a language that helps me make sense of the world, myself, and others. Every session is a balance of good old science against the art of therapy, all in the service of wisdom. By discovering the unique qualities that make each individual who they are, we can unlock the potential for personal growth and healing.

My approach to life is founded on the belief in the transformative power of self-discovery and its ability to bring healing to our lives. Ultimately, we all want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, connect authentically with others, and carry our wounds gracefully. Be better, do better.

A research-based therapeutical approach is the promise that we can grow psychological wealth.

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