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Psychodynamics emphasizes in the rediscovery of feelings, emotions, and patterns of behavior, and how they are related to previous experiences in life. This process is the key to recognize elements in our personal history that are the root cause of emotional distress symptoms, most commonly: anxiety and depression.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy offers a practical view on Cause & Effect - how our thought process affects our responses. The ability to manage and balance our reactions is instrumental to the practice of self-regulation.

I am an advocate of what is known in modern psychology as Relationship Intelligence. Relationships are at the center of our human experience and they determine the quality of our life. Enhacing our ability to navigate ourself into our most precious bonds is essential to our existence

The ultimate goal of therapy is results. Fostering resilience. This is an integral part of coping which is necessary to successfully practice mental health.

Therapy is available only for adults from 25 years of age and over.

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