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Therapy Retreats in Costa Rica

Therapy retreats in paradise.

Imagine not only unwinding in bliss but also actively participating in the creation of tools that enhance your well-being. Picture therapeutic sessions unfolding against the breathtaking backdrop of one of the world's most captivating blue zones—the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
We bring to you our therapy approach to a well-lived life, a Pura Vida life. 
The Blue Zone Therapy Hub revolves around workshops tailored for individuals, couples, and companies, all striving towards therapeutic objectives. We blend a clinically researched approach with the cutting-edge insights of modern psychology while experiencing the power of the purest natural landscapes. 
Three-day retreats with the trifecta: Therapy, Nature, and People.
Crafted retreats for individuals to reset, couples to reconnect, and company teams to regroup.
Aim to impact your psychological wealth and leave a mark.

We are wellness redesign.
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